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Special Ed Consultant - Tester - Teacher - Tutor

I chose Special Education as a career path as a 12 year old child.  I have been working first as a volunteer and then a professional ever since that time.  I have worked with many school settings, all ages of students, and many types of disabilities. I was a home educator for my own family and supported a number of friends' families as they home-schooled (or are currently home-schooling).  I began this business as a favor for a friend in 1995.  

I now hold a Master's in Special Education, and teach full time at a private school during the school year, but I would not miss my times with the kind of people who choose to home educate challenged/differently wired learners!  

In Oregon the law on home schooling with disabilities was much different when I started working with families. In the late 1990's I was purchasing my own homeschool curriculum for the school year when I ran into a lawyer working on a proposal for a new law on homeschooling in Oregon. After a long chat he asked for my wording on the law needed for homeschooling with disabilities in Oregon. It was really important to me that "PDP" be a part of the new law. I wrote my thoughts on a legal pad and by the grace of God it passed as law the next year.

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